What is 444?


It is a number that I see about 50 times a month. I can be shopping for some groceries and the price of the item on the shelf is $4.44. Perhaps someone asks me what time it is….4:44pm.

This number has followed me and dare I say, haunted me for the last 3-4 years. I have told friends and family of this, and they just laugh or brush it off as coincidence. I did some research on trusty old Google, and came up with some “meanings” that have been applied to seeing this number.

The recurring angel number 444 means honesty and inner-wisdom. This is a sign that the angels are encouraging you to continue to work hard and pursue your passions. 444 represents your rigorous goal-seeking and applauds you for your drive.

Now, I don’t tend to believe much in the new age sort of thing, but there was something comforting in reading this. So…

Fast forward a few years. I was working out what to call my revamped photography brand and I was searching for available domains.  The ones I was looking for were taken, but there was a list of suggested alternatives…the first of which…”444photographic.com”

That is when it hit me. Somehow, the domain site randomly hit me with the 444 I see so often. I remembered the “meanings” of 444…

• Honesty

• Wisdom

• Pursue your passion

• Goal seeking

• Drive

This was a sign. Somehow the Force was speaking to me! This was my destiny…..


it is all just coincidence, and I am seeing and reading into it what I want. Regardless, this is how 444 Photographic came to be.

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